11 Oct 2016

2016 ‘AIA Vitality – Dare to Challenge’ Award

AIA Vitality Dare to Challenge Award 

Launched by the Principal Sponsor AIA, the award has received 7 applications from teams joining Oxfam Trailwalker for the first time. They are ready to demonstrate the highest level of motivation and determination to complete the course. Please feel free to visit their Facebook Pages via the directory here.


0258 – 源途愛美麗


0291 – IDAtrailwalker 稻苗隊


0615 – 四人在途


0618 – Blue Mountain Sports – Over The Rainbow


0655 – Pig-type Allies 豬一樣的隊友


0791 – UMC Synergy 791


1044 – 早起的鳥兒


The winning team will receive HK$5,000 in cash and a priority spot for Oxfam Trailwalker 2017. In addition, AIA will donate HK$50,000 to Oxfam Hong Kong to support its programmes to alleviate poverty and its emergency relief work around the world.