The Oxfam Trailwalker (OTW) is one of the largest fundraising sporting events in Hong Kong. The event this year has been scheduled for 24 to 26 November 2023 (Friday to Sunday). The 100 km trail starts from Pak Tam Chung in Sai Kung and finishes at Crossroads Foundation in Tuen Mun(The route will be announced later). There are nine checkpoints along the route. The OTW route is quite challenging; participants are advised to train adequately before the event (please visit our website for more information about the route:

Over the past year, Oxfam has implemented a wide range of poverty alleviation work in Hong Kong and has responded to COVID-19 here. This includes providing families with children that live in subdivided flats and elderly people living alone with nutritious meal kits designed by a dietitian through ‘Give A Meal’. And during the early stages of the COVID-19 outbreak, we offered street cleaners masks and other protective equipment to ensure their safety. Please visit Oxfam’s website ( to learn how the donations raised, including those from the OTW, can help disadvantaged groups improve their lives sustainably.


Registration Procedures for Teams That Have Been Chosen

Submit the registration fee of HK$1,600 along with all four participants’ information on or before 6:00 pm on 21 July to confirm your team’s participation, otherwise OHK will assume that the team will not join the event. Your slot will be allotted to the next team on the waiting list.


Register Online

Register online and submit the registration fee by credit card (VISA / Master / UnionPay / American Express).


Event information:

1. 5 Starting times :
1. 08:00*
2. 09:30
3. 11:00
4. 12:30
5. 14:00

*Please refer to item 1.2 below.

1.1 All teams must register and start at the designated time. No team is allowed to change its start timewithout the prior approval of the Organiser.

1.2 If you intend to join as an Elite Team, please note that at least three of your team members must have completed Oxfam Trailwalker 2017 / 2018 /2022 within 24 hours. Please submit these members’ certificates / results in one of the following ways

1.2.1 Upload the supporting certificate(s) as a JPG / PNG / PDF while registering online

1.2.2 Send a copy of the certificate(s), marked with your team number, via email to .

1.2.3 Please note that if any of your team members change after your team becomes an Elite Team, you must submit their certificate(s). Oxfam reserves the right to allocate another team slot to teams that fail to provide supporting documents.



2.How and when to confirm your team slot:


Period Registration Fee Procedure
4 July –
21 July, 18:00
HK$1,600 Via online Team Page

  • Login to Oxfam Trailwalker System
  • Visit your team page to add / edit team member(s)
  • Pay the Fee by credit card


3.Notes on forfeiting your team slot:

If your team decides to give up your team slot, you must give Oxfam written notice ASAP. Teams that withdraw and give written notice after 26 August 2023 will need to raise the minimum sponsorship.


Please also note the following:

Date of withdrawal Minimum sponsorship
On or before 25 August 2023 Sponsorship not required
26 August 2023 – 24 Oct 2023 HK$4,000 (Open Team)

HK$36,000 (Pledge Team)

25 October to 24 November 2023, or absence / withdrawal on the event day HK$8,000 (Open Team)
HK$72,000 (Pledge Team)
  • All sponsorship must be paid to Oxfam Hong Kong no later than 28 December 2023. Teams that raise HK$38,000 or more for Oxfam Trailwalker (OTW) 2023 will have priority in registering for OTW 2024 in November. We reserve the right to not accept applications for future OTW events from participants who fail to comply with the above stipulations.