The Team Leader



Oxfam Trailwalker is not an easy event, so participants must have a reasonable level of fitness, good planning, and adequate training. Attending a first aid course together with your teammates is recommended.


Note to Team Leader

Good communication and thorough understanding among team members are essential to avoid any disputes due to differences in expectations. The team leader in particular plays an important role in terms of preparing and coordinating before and after the event, and is required to:

  1. Confirm the team members as soon as possible and confirm that teammates are ready to commit the time and resources required to prepare for and attend the event.
  2. Work out a training schedule with teammates and set training targets for the team according to the team’s training progress.
  3. Keep teammates informed of the information provided by the Organiser.
  4. Collect all donations after the event and send them to Oxfam before deadline.


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