29 Apr 2020

Statement on phishing emails posing as Oxfam

Oxfam Hong Kong has recently found emails that have been sent to recipients using Oxfam staff’s email addresses (xxx@oxfam.org.hk). These emails include a link to a file sent through wetransfer. com, and require the recipient to enter their email address and password.

Oxfam Hong Kong hereby declares that it has not sent these emails and urges the public to be vigilant. Should members of the public receive emails like these, they should ignore and delete them; they should not click the link, and provide their email address or password.

Should anyone receive suspicious emails like this, please notify Oxfam Hong Kong immediately. To contact us, please email otwinfo@oxfam.org.hk

Please also note that we will email those who have carried their team slots over from 2019 in mid-May. The email will explain how these teams can change their team members, confirm their team members’ details and such.