Water and the following refreshments will be provided at the Start Point, checkpoints and the Finish Point. (The items are subject to change. The finalized Food & Drink information will be sent to team leaders in November.) The items will only be available while stocks last.

Location Water (in dispenser) Hot Drink Soup / Cereal Bread Cup Noodle Fruit Udon & Japanese Rice ball* 800ml Bottled Water (distilled w/ mineral) Tri-go Bar & Energy Gel Pocari sweat (in dispenser)
Start Point
8 packs of Bars & 4 packs of Gel for each team
Finish Point

* Udon and Japanese Rice ball – served only at certain time while stocks last.

* Water Points

Oxfam Hong Kong will also provide drinking water and sports drinks at the following locations:

Location Location Details Opening hours
At the end of the High Island Reservoir East Dam Close to distance post M18, between the Start Point and CP1 9 am – 8 pm, 17 November
Near the helipad at the foot of Needle Hill Close to distance post M129, between CP6 and CP7 from 3 pm, 17 November to 1 am on 19 November

Snack Kiosk (

Please note that a snack kiosk, operated by Café De Coral, will be set up at the Finish Point this year. The snack kiosk will be open from 8 am to 11 pm on 18 November (Saturday), you can pay by cash or octopus card. All proceeds generated from the snack kiosk will be donated to Oxfam Hong Kong. (To be confirmed)