Water and the following refreshments will be provided at the Start Point, CPs and the Finish Point (The items are subject to change. The finalised list of food and drinks will be ammounced in November). The items will only be available while stocks last.

Location  Water
(in dispenser)
Drink /Cereal#
Soup  Bread Chinese Soup & Siu Mai* Cup Noodles Fruit  Udon Japanese + Rice Balls* 800 ml Bottled Water  Tri-go Bar & Energy Gel / Energy drink * Pocari Sweat (in
 Start Point    8 packs of Bars & 4 packs of Gel for each team
 CP6            Energy Drink
 Finish Point        

*Only served at a certain time while stocks last

#Either hot drink or cereal will be served at some checkpoints


* Water Points

The Organiser will also provide drinking water and sports drinks at the following locations:

Location Location Details Opening Hours
 At the end of the High
Island Reservoir East Dam
 Close to distance post M018, between the Start Point and CP1  09:00 – 20:00, 20 November
 Near the roundabout at the
foot of Needle Hill
 Close to distance post M130, between CP6 and CP7  From 15:00, 20 November to 24:00
on 21 November


Snack Kiosk of Po Leung Kuk Jocky Club Tai Tong Holiday Camp, Yuen Long (TBC)

Food and drinks are available for purchase at Po Leung Kuk Jocky Club Tai Tong Holiday Camp, Yuen Long (TBC)