16 Nov 2015

Oxfam Trailwalker 2015 – Replenishments and Recycling

Except the official provision of food & water at each checkpoint, there are some sponsors to provide special catering services at CP4, CP6, CP7 and FP.

Checkpoint 4 – Gilwell Campsite

Most walkers will arrive at checkpoint 4 in the evening. You might want to have something hot like soup to energise you on such a dark and cold night. Besides asking your support team to prepare this for you, you could also try either of Hung Fook Tong’s Chinese soups and siu mai at Gilwell Campsite between 9 pm on 20 November and 6 am on 21 November . Come get your fill while stocks last!


Photos are for reference only. Soup bowls are not included.

 OTW 2015 Replenishments and Recycling 01  OTW 2015 Replenishments and Recycling 02  OTW 2015 Replenishments and Recycling 03
Pork Soup with Watercress, Duck Kidney and Grosvenor Momordica Fruit Siu Mai with Wolfberry Sauce Soup with Hylocereus Undatus, Fig, Apricot Kernel and Sea Whelk


Checkpoint 6 – Smugglers Ridge Rifle Range

Beppu will be providing  udon and rice balls at checkpoint 6 for the third consecutive year. Make sure you stop by their stall so that you can stay energised throughout the tough sections of the MacLehose Trail.

After checking in at Golden Hill Road, walkers will find the food kiosk around 200 m from the Smugglers Ridge Rifle Range. Various kinds of soup will be available between 7 pm on 20 November and 4pm on 21 November (while stocks last!).

OTW 2015 Replenishments and Recycling 04 OTW 2015 Replenishments and Recycling 05 OTW 2015 Replenishments and Recycling 06








Checkpoint 7 – Lead Mine Pass

If you’ve walked the Oxfam Trailwalker before, you will probably remember the tasty instant noodles at Lead Mine Pass. This year, our new sponsor Tap & Go will provide cup noodles for our hungry walkers. Want to try it? Well, you’ll have to walk faster because there’s limited stock available!

OTW 2015 Replenishments and Recycling 07 OTW 2015 Replenishments and Recycling 08







Finish Point – Yuen Long Tai Tong

What better way to recharge after finishing the gruelling 100 km trail than with food? Drop by Café De Corel’s stall at the Finish Point between 8 am and 11 pm on 21 November (Saturday). All proceeds generated from the snack kiosk – whether by cash or Octopus – will be donated to Oxfam.

Some of the snacks and desserts at the stall: Fish Balls, Cheese Sausages, Instant Noodles with Roast Pork (Small), Rice with Roast Pork (Small), Rice with Minced Beef (Small), Chinese style sweet soup

OTW 2015 Replenishments and Recycling 09 OTW 2015 Replenishments and Recycling 10 OTW 2015 Replenishments and Recycling 11






All Checkpoints

Water may be the most important thing you’ll find at every checkpoint. This year, Watsons Water, as our Official Drinks sponsor, will be providing distilled water along the trail, including the  Start Point, Finish Point, all nine checkpoints in between and two other water points at High Island Reservoir and Needle Hill. For the exact locations, please refer to the Oxfam Trailwalker Information Booklet.

Remember, no disposable cups will be provided at checkpoints. Walkers are advised to bring their own bottles.

OTW 2015 Replenishments and Recycling 12      OTW 2015 Replenishments and Recycling 13









Recycle Points for plastic bottles and aluminium cans

To protect our environment, Oxfam Trailwalker improves the recycling facilities at all checkpoints this year. When you find this new banner at checkpoints and finish point, this is a Recycle Point for the collection of cleaned plastic bottles and aluminium cans. We have arranged a contractor to collect and classify all the recyclables after the event.

OTW 2015 Replenishments and Recycling 14 OTW 2015 Replenishments and Recycling 15







At CP2, there will be also a food waste collection bin for you to put banner peel. We have volunteers at CP2, CP3 and CP8 to give you and your support team tips to “recycle more and waste less”.