25 Aug 2015

Oxfam Trailwalker 2015–Reminder of Team Withdrawal

Please be reminded that all teams (including those teams which are absent/withdraw on the event day) must raise a minimum sponsorship of HK$7,200, except for Pledge Teams which must raise at least HK$70,000. Oxfam Hong King reserves the right not to accept applications for the future Oxfam Trailwalker events from any member of a team which has failed to raise the minimum.

Registered teams wishing to withdraw from the event must give written notice to Oxfam Hong Kong on or before 27 August and please note the following:

Withdrawal with written notice on or before 27 August Sponsorship not required
Withdrawal with written notice from 27 Aug – 19 Nov HK$2,000 minimum sponsorship
Absent or withdrawal on the event day HK$7,200 minimum sponsorship

 *Oxfam Hong Kong reserves the right not to accept applications for future Oxfam Trailwalker events from any member of a team which has failed to comply with the above stipulations.

If you choose to withdraw your team from the event this year, please quote your Team Number, Leader Name and HKID/Passport No. in your e-mail (otwinfo@oxfam.org.hk) or fax (2527 6213) to us. Thank you!


Moreover, you can login the Online Registration System (Oxfam Trailwalker website > Take Part > Update Team Details) by 6pm on 28 October 2015 (Hong Kong Time) to update change team member information. If you have to change the team member after 28 October 2015, the change of member fee HK$200 will be charged for each new member. Please refer the details below:

Phase Fee Period Procedure
Change of Team Members HK$200 * (for each new member) 29 October – 17 November Fill in the Change of Team Member Form and submit together with the payment record to Oxfam Hong Kong by post or by hand. Click here for payment details.
Event Day HK$300 * (for each new member) 20 November Please fill in the Change of Team Member Form and pay the fee in cash on site.

The change of member fee is non-refundable. It cannot be regarded as donation and is not tax-deductible. Oxfam Trailwalker is a challenging team event. Participants are strongly recommended to allow adequate time for training and team-building before the event. Please avoid changing team members in the last month before the event. Changing team members at the start of the event is also not advised.


Please kindly check out our News at website (www.oxfamtrailwalker.org.hk) frequently and pass the message to your team members and support team leader.


Should you have any queries, please email us at otwinfo@oxfam.org.hk. Please quote your team number to help speed up the process. Thank you!


Best regards,

Oxfam Hong Kong