30 Oct 2015

Oxfam Trailwalker 2015 eNews 3rd Issue

Oxfam Trailwalker 2015 will be held in three weeks! Echoing this year’s theme of ‘Side by Side, Together We Thrive’, we hope everyone will demonstrate this spirit by rendering help to fellow teammates, support team members, other teams and working personnel serving you along the 100km trail!
Furthermore, please note that following arrangements:-

Finish Point Parking Permit Application (NEW arrangement this year)

In order to help police enforce the traffic control at Tai Tong Shan Road, the Finish Point Parking Permit will ONLY be issued on request. Each Oxfam Trailwalker support team is eligible to apply for ONE Finish Point Parking Permit, which is valid for a single entry to the PLK Jockey Club Tai Tong Holiday Camp. Please be reminded that the parking permit is valid for private car / light goods vehicle ONLY. However, whenever the parking area at the Finish Point is full, even vehicle carrying the permit will not be allowed to enter the Camp.

Please request your FP Parking Permit by filling in the Online Application Form. If your request is submitted on or before November 3, the Parking Permit will be sent to you by post with the Confirmation of Team Particular on November 10. If the request is submitted on or after November 4, please arrange a representative to pick up the permit at Oxfam Hong Kong Office.

We appeal to support teams not to drive to the Finish Point as far as possible.  Instead, please use the free shuttle bus commuting between the Finish Point and Yuen Long MTR Station:

  • Frequency: 15 mins
  • From Finish Point: from 7:00 am on 21 November (Sat) to 2:30 pm on 22 November (Sun)
  • From Yuen Long MTR Station: from 7:30 am on 21 November (Sat) to 1:00 pm on 22 November (Sun)

For the Finish Point Shuttle bus Location Map, please click here


Transportation to Start Point

Due to the large number of Trailwalkers/support teams and limited parking space at Pak Tam Chung, we would strongly advise you to take public transport to Pak Tam Chung (please refer to Table 1 for details). If you must drive, you are strongly advised to park your vehicle at Sai Kung Town Centre, then take public transport to Pak Tam Chung (please refer to Table 2 for details of car parks in Sai Kung Town Centre). All vehicles illegally parked at Pak Tam Chung public car park or nearby may be towed away by the police, and offenders might be prosecuted. You are also strongly advised not to use any goods except vehicles to occupy the parking spaces. Police will enforce traffic regulations rigorously.

Table 1: Public Transport to Pak Tam Chung
Different districts to Sai Kung Town Center Bus no. 92 from Diamond Hill MTR (exit C)
Bus no. 299 from New Town Plaza, Sha Tin
Bus no. 792M from Tiu Keng Leng MTR
Mini-bus no. 1A or 1M from Choi Hung MTR (exit C2)
Mini-bus no. 1 from Telford Garden, Kowloon Bay
Mini-bus no. 12 from Metro City, Tseung Kwan O
Mini-bus no. 101M from Hang Hau, Tseung Kwan O
Red mini-bus from Dundas Street in Mongkok, Yee On Street in Kwun Tong or Lung Kong Road in Kowloon City
Sai Kung Town Center to Pak Tam Chung

Bus no. 94 (Start from 6am and run every 30mins)

Mini-bus no. 7 (Start from 7:55am and run every 30mins)

Mini-bus no. 9 (Start from 6:15am and run every 30mins)

Taxi to The Pak Tam Chung Holiday Village (Taxi fee costs about HK$50)


Table 2: Carparks in Sai Kung Town Centre
Carparks Address
Sai Kung Garden 16 Chan Man Street
Sai Kung Town Centre 22-40 Fuk Man Road
Lakeside Garden 1 Chui Tong Road
Sai Kung Government Offices 34 Chan Man Street
Kau Sai Chau Public Car Park Wai Man Road (Upper floor is opened for public)
Imperial Parking Mei Fuk Street


Registration and Start Time at Start Point (Important)

1,300 teams have joined the event this year. In order to ensure that the event runs smoothly, teams will be divided into five start times as below:-

Registration at Start Point
Place:    Po Leung Kuk Pak Tam Chung Holiday Camp, Sai Kung
Date:      Friday, 20 November 2015

Team Number Registration Time Starting Time
S01-S70 (Super Trailwalker Teams)* 07:00 – 08:00 08:30
5001-5060 (24-hour Teams) * 07:00 – 08:00 08:30
0001-0350 07:30 – 09:00 09:30
0351-0630 09:00 – 10:30 11:00
0631-0900 11:00 – 12:00 12:30
0901-1170 12:30 – 13:30 14:00

All teams MUST start at the designated times listed above according to their team number and register at the Start Point at least 30-45 minutes before starting. No team is allowed to change its registration and start time without the prior approval from Oxfam Hong Kong.

* Oxfam Super Trailwalker / 24-hour Teams MUST collect the walker’s bag at Oxfam Office before the event, details will be sent to team leader/coordinator later.


Temporary Traffic Arrangement at CP2 and CP3

Checkpoint 2 (Pak Tam Au)

Checkpoint 2 is located in AFCD restricted area; all vehicles without a Country Park Permit cannot access it. Loading/Unloading/Parking is also NOT allowed within 200 m of the Checkpoint, even for vehicles that carry a Country Park Permit. Offenders might be prosecuted and their vehicles may be towed away.

Free shuttle bus commuting between the Pak Tam Chung barrier and CP2
–    Frequency: 40 to 60 mins
–    From 12:00 noon (at Pak Tam Chung) to 10:20 pm (at Pak Tam Au) on Friday, 20 November

Checkpoint 3 (Kei Ling Ha)

Loading/Unloading/Parking is NOT allowed around the Checkpoint 3 entrance (within 150 m of Sai Sha Road). There is a parking area on Sai Sha Road but spaces are very limited. Police will enforce traffic control along Chuk Yeung Road (at the junction between Shan Liu and Wong Chuk Yeung) from 1:00 pm on 20 November to 6:00 am on 21 November, when support team vehicles cannot access that area.


Road Closure at CP6 and CP8

Same as last year, Golden Hill Road at CP6 and Tai Mo Shan Road at CP8 will be temporarily closed during the event. The details are as follows:-

Checkpoint 6 (Smugglers Ridge Rifle Range)

Golden Hill Road (Kam Shan Road) will be temporarily closed from 1:00 pm on Friday, 20 November to 9:00 pm on Saturday, 21 November. Please note that unauthorised vehicles (except the organiser’s vehicles), including mountain bikes, will not be allowed to enter.  Support teams are strongly advised to take public transport to Checkpoint 6. If you must drive, please park your car in the public car park on Tai Po Road (Piper’s Hill), then walk about 3 km to the Checkpoint 6 support area.

As the road around Checkpoint 6 will be closed off, Beppu Group, a Japanese restaurant group, will provide hot soup, rice balls and udon from 7:00 pm on 20 November to 4:00 pm on 21 Nov while stock lasts.

Check point 8 (Tai Mo Shan)

Tai Mo Shan Road will be temporarily closed from 4:00 pm on Friday, 20 November to 7:00 am on Sunday, 22 November. Please note that unauthorised vehicles (except organiser’s vehicles), including mountain bikes and taxies, will not be allowed to enter (i.e. the Rotary Club Car Park will become inaccessible during this period). We would like to ask teams NOT to park their vehicles in the car park prior to the closure where the Organiser’s shuttle buses will be staying. As Route Twisk is a winding road that has a number of sharp bends, police will not allow vehicles to load/unload along the road. Owners of illegally parked vehicles may be prosecuted and their vehicles might also be towed away.

Oxfam will provide a free shuttle bus that will commuting between the Tsuen Wan MTR Station and Checkpoint 8 support area. We encourage all support team members to take public transport or our free shuttle bus to Checkpoint 8. If you must drive, you are strongly advised to park at the Tsuen Wan Car Park (Sai Lao Kok Road), which is just next to the Shuttle Bus pick up/drop off point. The route and service times are shown below:

Shuttle bus commuting between Tsuen Wan MTR Station and CP8 (Tai Mo Shan)

–    Frequency: every 15-20 mins
–    From 11:00 pm on 20 November (Fri) to 11:00 pm on 21 November (Sat)

For the Checkpoint 8 Shuttle bus Location Map, please click here

Public transportation

For information on KMB bus no. 51, please click here

We would like to remind all participants to be careful when crossing the road. Please do not lie down/sit along the road side. Please also inform your support team about these and the above traffic arrangements. Thank you for helping us to make the event safe!


Oxfam Trailwalker Official Route

The 100-kilometre route first covers sections 1 to 9 of the MacLehose Trail, which is about 87 kilometres (M001 – M174). After passing distance post M174 and leaving CP9, the route will diverge off of the MacLehose Trail and, for the next five kilometres, run along the northern coast of Tai Lam Chung Reservoir, down the paved road next to the water catchment. The trail will then turn right towards Wong Nai Tun / Tai Tong and head towards the Finish Point at the Po Leung Kuk Jockey Club Tai Tong Holiday Camp in Yuen Long (OTW175 – OTW198).


Please note the following differences between the Oxfam Trailwalker trail and MacLehose Trail:

MacLehose Trail Section 2 Section 8 Section 10
Oxfam Trailwalker Route From M031 along Sai Wan beach to M033 From M153 along
Tai Mo Shan Road to
Route Twisk
From OTW175 to OTW198, onto where the countdown sign is at the Finish Point campsite
(Turn left towards Kat Hing Bridge after registering at CP9, then walk along Tai Lam Chung Reservoir)

Participants should stay on the marked course. Shortcuts are strictly prohibited. The organiser will carry out spot checks. The organiser may decide not to record the result and ranking of participants who are found to have taken shortcuts.


Reminder on Country Park Ordinance

According to Country Park Ordinance Chapter 208, please be reminded to follow the regulations below:

  • prohibiting or restricting the lighting of fires within a country park or special area and the prevention of fire hazards;
  • prohibiting or controlling the use of a country park or special area for:
  1. picnicking;
  2. barbecuing;
  3. camping;
  4. swimming;
  5. hawking;
  6. advertising;
  7. fishing; and
  8. any other similar activities.