27 Oct 2015

[NEW arrangement] Finish Point Parking Permit Application

In order to help police enforce the traffic control at Tai Tong Shan Road, the Finish Point Parking Permit will ONLY be issued on request. Each Oxfam Trailwalker support team is eligible to apply for ONE Finish Point Parking Permit, which is valid for a single entry to the PLK Jockey Club Tai Tong Holiday Camp. Please be reminded that the parking permit is valid for private car / light goods vehicle ONLY. However, whenever the parking area at the Finish Point is full, even vehicle carrying the permit will not be allowed to enter the Camp.

Please request your FP Parking Permit by filling in the  Online Application Form. If your request is submitted on or before November 3, the Parking Permit will be sent to you by post with the Confirmation of Team Particular on November 10. If the request is submitted on or after November 4, please arrange a representative to pick up the permit at Oxfam Hong Kong Office.

We appeal to support teams not to drive to the Finish Point as far as possible.  Instead, please use the free shuttle bus commuting between the Finish Point and Yuen Long MTR Station:
–    Frequency: 15 mins
–    From Finish Point: from 7:00 am on 21 November (Sat) to 2:30 pm on 22 November (Sun)
–    From Yuen Long MTR Station: from 7:30 am on 21 November (Sat) to 1:00 pm on 22 November (Sun)

For the Finish Point Shuttle bus Location Map, please click here.