16 Nov 2017

Weather Forecast – A Cold Front bringing strong wind and rain during event days

As we understand from the Hong Kong Observatory, an easterly airstream will affect the coast of Guangdong in the next couple of days. Meanwhile, the anticyclone aloft over the northern part of the South China Sea will bring brighter weather to the south China coast. However, a cold front is expected to reach southern China during Oxfam Trailwalker 2017 (17-19 Nov). The associated intense northeast monsoon will bring appreciably cooler weather to the region during the weekend.


Walkers, support team members and volunteers are advised to take the following measures:


  • When you start, the weather will be moderately hot but temperate will drop significantly on Sat night time with rain and wind. Please bring a raincoat and sufficient clothing with you to keep yourself dry and warm, especially when you stay at highland for a long time.
  • For teams aiming to complete over 28 hours, you must keep warm and dry and be careful of the slippery trail.
  • Remember to bring your own cup for hot drinks at Checkpoints. NO paper cups will be provided.
  • Ask your support team to study the road closure arrangements at some of the checkpoints during event. To help alleviate congestion problem along the trail, please use public transport as far as possible. If driving is inevitable, please be patient and try to give way as much as possible, especially at sections next to villages (e.g. Kei Ling Ha & Sha Tin Pass).
  • Do not light fire at country side and help keep the nature clean!
  • If you do not feel well before starting, DO NOT persist.



17 Nov
18 Nov

19 Nov



Sunny periods.


Sunny intervals and relatively low visibility. A few rain patches with temper-atures falling appreciably later.


Cool. Cloudy to overcast with a few rain patches.


East force 3 to 4. Light winds force 2. Becoming north to northeast force 5 later, occasionally force 6.

North to northeast force 4 to 5, occasionally force 6 at first.


22 – 26 19 – 26 17 – 19
Range (%)
70 – 90 65 – 95

80 – 95


The event will be cancelled if typhoon signal No. 8 or black rainstorm signal is being hoisted on 17 November. In the event of typhoon signal No. 3 or other unexpected events, Oxfam will make a decision depending on the circumstances.  Announcements will be made on the radio and on the Oxfam Trailwalker website and facebook from 05:00 on 17 November onwards.  We will also inform all team leaders by SMS. Please keep your mobile on.


Just one more day to go! Stay in good mood and have a good sleep the night before. We look forward to welcoming you at the Start Point and Finish Point! See you at Pak Tam Chung on 17 Nov!


Live Web Tracking

Please be reminded to display your number bib visibly in front at all times during event.  Do not fold the bib to cause damage to the timing chips. The web tracking system will be activated at 07:00 on 17 November provided that the weather is favorable and the network along the trail is functioning well. Web users will then be able to track all teams along the 9 checkpoints and the ranking for the fastest 10 teams. Please advise your supporters to log on to check for the latest update.  However, do bear with us should the system not function due to factors such as network failure (we use 56k line along the trail!).


Hyperlink for Live Web Tracking: http://otwtracking.oxfamtrailwalker.org.hk/