Start Start: Pak Tam Chung
CP1 CP1 Sai Wan
CP2 CP2 Pak Tam Au
CP3 CP3 Kei Ling Ha
CP4 CP4 Gilwell Campsite
CP5 CP5 Beacon Hill
CP6 CP6 Smugglers Ridge Rifle Range
CP7 CP7 Lead Mine Pass
CP8 CP8 Tai Mo Shan (at Route Twisk)
CP9 CP9 Tai Lam Chung Reservoir
Finish Finish: Chu Hai College of Higher Education, Tuen Mun
Pak Tam Chung Holiday Camp
Sai Kung
Start : 7:30 am, Friday

You cannot drive through the barrier at Pak Tam Chung.  Please use public transport to avoid traffic.  At the Start Point, drinking water will be available from water dispensers.  Please make sure you have your own bottle / container.