05 Nov 2019

Oxfam Trailwalker 2019 – IMPORTANT REMINDERS

Are you all ready for Oxfam Trailwalker (OTW) 2019? To help you better prepare better for the event, here are a few important reminders. Please read through them carefully and pay special attention to the following sections: Team Particulars (Pt. 1), New Timing System (Pt. 2), Registration at Start Point (Pt. 3), Penalty Point (Pt. 4.3), Temporary Traffic Arrangement (Pt. 4.5) and Bring your own cup / container / cutlery (Pt 6.1).  Do share this information with your teammates and support team members!


We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support. We have received a lot of questions about whether or not the event will be held, and completely understand everyone’s concerns. That is why we have been working tirelessly over the past few months to prepare for the OTW. As we push on, we are committed to keeping everyone safe, just as we have made everyone’s safety a priority over the past 38 years. We rely on each and every staff member, volunteer, participant, support team member, and all present to do their bit to ensure this. Thank you all in advance for working with us to make this a safe and meaningful 48 hours!


Happy trailwalking as we celebrate MacLehose Trail’s 40th!



  1. Team Particulars (applicable to team leaders and coordinators only)

The Online Registration Period ended on 15 October (i.e. teams can no longer update their particulars online). Enclosed please find the particulars of your team.  Please check them carefully. Your team name and English name will be printed on your team certificate based on the particulars you provide. If any amendments are required, please notify us either through email (otwinfo@oxfam.org.hk) or by fax (2527 6213) not later than 8 November.  If your team wishes to change a  team member, please submit both the fee of HK$200 per team member changed and the Change of Member Form to Oxfam Hong Kong by 8 November. To download the form, please visit the Oxfam Trailwalker website. (www.oxfamtrailwalker.org.hk > News & Press > Useful Documents > Change of Team Member Form 2019)


  1. Timing System

This year’s timing system is different from last year’s. Please read through the details below to ensure your team checks in successfully at all checkpoints (CPs).

We will use SPORTident this year and will be using the contactless SPORTident Active Card (SIAC Card). This will be affixed on participants’ wristbands to keep track of their progress on the trail as well as to ensure their safety. Please be reminded that this must be returned to Oxfam after the event (we reserve the right to not accept future OTW applications from participants who fail to reimburse Oxfam with $700 / for the costs associated with the damage or loss of the equipment!).

From CP1 to CP9, all four members must report TOGETHER to the Check-in and Information Tent. Working personnel will verify their bibs and wristbands and use a sensor at the Check-in and Information Tent to record participants’ times. A sensor will also be placed at all CP exits; the official time on the tracking website will be updated with these times.


Timing mats will be located at the Start Point (start area) and Finish Point (finish arch). Please cross the mat to ensure your starting and finishing times are recorded.

To ensure the SIAC Card can be sensed by the device accurately and efficiently, participants are required to wear their SIAC Card wristband during event. Any team with missing time records at any of the CPs will be considered to have not completed the event on the designated course.


The following items must be visible at all times during event:

OTW2019singlebracelet  OTW2019Numberbibsmall  SIAC
Unremovable wristband for identification purposes Number bib SIAC Card (will be attached to wristband)

Check-in / out and time record

As the OTW is a team event, all members of a team MUST report TOGETHER to the Check-in and Information Tent along the trail:

When entering a CP

All members report to the Check-in and Information Tent TOGETHER

 Checkintent  OTW2019Numberbibandbracelet
Check-in and Information Tent Number bib, wristband with SIAC Card
Working personnel will verify the bib and wristband, and a sensor will record participants’ times, which will be posted on the tracking website
Start Point (start area), Control Point and Finish Point (finish arch)
Timing Mat
The timing device will detect the SIAC automatically and the web tracking’s Official Time will be updated


Online Tracking Website

The Online Tracking Website (http://otwtracking.oxfamtrailwalker.org.hk/) will be activated at 07:00 on 15 November.
The timing system* will update the official time on the tracking website when participants check in (at CP1 to CP9) and check out (at the Start Point, Control Point and Finish Point).

* OTW will be using a new system this year; a 56K connection may only be available at some CPs, we apologise for any delay or suspension of data while it is uploaded to the site during the event. Timing staff will monitor the system and try their best to keep all operation smooth.


Please pay special attention to the following:

  1. All members must report to the Check-in and Information Tent TOGETHER. Bibs and wristbands must be visible at all times during event.
  2. When passing the timing device, the SIAC Card will beep and flash, meaning the SIAC Card has been successfully detected.
  3. Please DO NOT wear a GPS watch on the same arm as the SIAC Card.
  4. Please notify Oxfam’s working personnel if your SIAC Card has been lost or damaged, and obtain a new one at the next CP.


  1. Registration at Start Point       

Place:       Po Leung Kuk Pak Tam Chung Holiday Camp, Sai Kung

Date:        Friday, 15 November 2019

Team Number Registration Time Starting Time
8001 – 8180 (Elite Team) * 07:00 – 07:45 08:00
0001-0300 07:30 – 09:00 09:30
0301-0580 09:00 – 10:30 11:00
0581-0850 11:00 – 12:00 12:30
0851-1120 12:30 – 13:30 14:00

*Elite Teams should pick up their walkers’ bags between 11 and 12 November at Oxfam Hong Kong Office.


All teams MUST start at the designated times listed above according to their team number and register at the Start Point at least 30 – 45 minutes before their starting time. No team is allowed to change its registration and start times without prior approval from Oxfam Hong Kong.


  1. Start Point, Route, Checkpoints, Finish Point, and Penalty Point


        4.1  Start Point

  • Enclosed please find a Disclaimer/Indemnity Team leader should print the document, and ensure to fill it out and have it signed (the sequence of the four members – A, B, C, D – must correspond with the order in which they registered) by all members in advance. Please remember to bring this to Registration Hall and hand it in at the Registration Counter at the Start Point.
  • If a team member is changed on the event day, please fill in the Change of Team Member Form in advance and submit it together with the HK$500 fee in cash on site. (Not applicable to Elite Teams who are NOT allowed to make changes on-site.) The Change of Team Member Form can be downloaded on the Oxfam Trailwalker website (oxfamtrailalker.org.hk > News & Press > Useful Documents > Change of Team Member Form 2019).
  • To facilitate search and rescue operations (if needed), all teams MUST take a team photo which will be uploaded onto the web tracking system.
  • Please collect your Walker’s Bag once you enter the Registration Hall (not applicable to Elite Teams). Please put on the bibs (labelled A, B, C, D) accordingly and confirm if the team particulars shown on computer at the Registration Hall are correct. A volunteer will then put on your wristband that is attached to an SIAC Card and take a photo of your team.
  • Officials will test the functionality of your team’s SIAC Cards before you leave the Hall.
  • The timing mat will be installed at the start area. All participants have to walk past the device according to their designated Start Time. Participants not completing the above-mentioned procedures and whose SIAC Card is not detected by the timing device at the designated Start Time will be treated as non-starters.
  • Please bring your own water bottle as no bottled water will be distributed at the Start, and NO paper cups and cutlery will be provided at the Start Point, Finish Point or any of the CPs, please bring your own set for enjoying the foods and beverages. Drinking water will only be available from water dispensers at the Start Point, CP2 to CP9, Water Points and the Finish Points.


4.2   Official Route (Please Pay Special Attention!)

The 100 km route starts at Pak Tam Chung in Sai Kung, and covers sections 1 to 9 of the MacLehose Trail, which is about 88 km long (M001-M174). Before passing distance post M175, it leaves the MacLehose Trail and turns right and follows the Yuen Tsuen Ancient Trail  all the way to Tai Tong Barbecue Site. The route then turns left onto the Tai Lam Forest Track and makes its way back to the MacLehose Trail, where it runs from distance post M178 to M193. It then finally passes through Tsing Ying Road and ends at Chu Hai College of Higher Education (Tuen Mun).



The Oxfam Trailwalker trail is not identical to the MacLehose Trail. Please note the following differences:

MacLehose Trail Oxfam Trailwalker Route
Section 2 M031 – M033 From M031 through Sai Wan beach to M033
Section 8 M153 – M156 From M153 along Tai Mo Shan Road to Route Twisk
Section 10 M174 – M200 Before passing distance post M175, it leaves the MacLehose Trail, turns right and follows the Yuen Tsuen Ancient Trail all the way to Tai Tong Barbecue Site (C6119 to C6124). The route then turns left onto Tai Lam Forest Track and makes its way back to the MacLehose Trail, where it runs from distance post M178 to M193. It then finally passes through Tsing Ying Road (through a small door with metal fencing) and ends at Chu Hai College of Higher Education.


4.3 Penalty Point

Two Penalty Points with timing devices will be set up this year near Distance Post M099 and M175. If any members of a team have a timing record at any of the Penalty Points, the team will be deemed to have taken a shortcut, and 120 minutes will be added to the team’s finishing time; 240 minutes will be added to the team’s finishing time if they have records at both Penalty Points.


  Penalty Point 4p
Nearest CP CP4 and CP5
Location Tiu Tso Ngam near Kwun Ping Road
Distance Post M099


  Penalty Point 9p
Nearest CP CP9 and Finish Point
Location Passed CP9 for 320 meters
Distance Post M175


Participants should stay on the marked course. Shortcuts are strictly prohibited. The organiser will not record the result and ranking of teams whose members are found to have taken shortcuts.


4.4 Checkpoints

  • Physiotherapists, podiatrists and Chinese medicine Tui-Na (massage) practitioners will be stationed at CP4, CP8 and the Finish Point during the following times:

CP 4

CP 8

Finish Point

Chinese Medicine


22:30, 15 Nov – 08:00, 16 Nov


09:00 – 21:00, 16 Nov


00:00 – 14:00, 16 Nov

08:00, 16 Nov – 07:00, 17 Nov




15:30 – 23:00, 16 Nov



  • The following refreshment and beverages will be provided at the Start Point, CPs and Finish Point.
Location Water

(in dispenser)

Cereal Ovaltine Ginger Tea Coffee Milk Tea Chinese Tea Soup Bread Cup Noodles Banana Pear Chinese Soup & Siu
Udon & Rice Balls** 1250ml & 800ml Bottled Water Tri-go Bar & Energy Gel Pocari Sweat

(in dispenser)

Start Point Y Y
Water Point at End of the High Island Reservoir East Dam Y Y
Water Point at the foot of Needle Hill Y Y
Finish Point Y Y Y Y Y Y

Soup flavours include tomato, potatoes and porcini cream.

* Chinese Soup & Siu Mai – served from 1800 on 15 November to 0600 on 16 November while stocks last.

** Udon and Japanese Rice ball – served from 1900 on 15 November to 1600 on 16 November while stocks last.

  • The Food Kiosk will operate from 0800 to 2200 on 16 November (Saturday).
  • The food provided at CPs serves only as a supplement. Walkers and support teams should prepare sufficient food for themselves.
  • All teams must arrive at each CP and ensure their times are recorded in the timing system before their closing time. Please refer to pages 31-35 of the Information Booklet for the closing time of each CP.


4.5   Temporary Traffic Arrangement


Finish Point: NO Parking Permit

As there is a lack of parking facilities at the Finish Point (Chu Hai College), NO parking permit will be issued to teams. Public parking in the area is also limited, so we would strongly encourage everyone to take public transport to the Finish Point to reduce the chance of creating a traffic jam in the area. We hope all teams and support teams will cooperate to minimise any inconvenience caused to local residents.


Transportation to Start Point

As there are limited parking spaces in Pak Tam Chung, and because there will be a large number of people there that morning, we strongly recommend participants and support teams to take public transport to Pak Tam Chung. If you must drive, please park your vehicle at Sai Kung Town Centre, then take public transport to Pak Tam Chung. Cars illegally parked at the Pak Tam Chung public car park or nearby might be prosecuted or towed away. Please also refrain from occupying parking spaces as this is prohibited and action will be taken by the police. Ticket holders of the SP shuttle service must arrive at the gathering point on time; bus drivers will not wait for latercomers. (Please refer to the ‘What’s New’ section on the OTW website for further details.)



During the event, temporary traffic control will be implemented at CPs 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 and the Finish Point. Details are as follows:



CP 2 is located in an AFCD restricted area. All vehicles without a Country Park Permit will not be able to access it. Loading / unloading / parking is also NOT allowed around the CP, even for vehicles carrying a Country Park Permit. Support teams can arrive there by public transport or the free shuttle bus provided by Oxfam.



Loading / unloading / parking is NOT allowed around the entrance of CP 3. The carpark near Shui Long Wo (next to CP3) will be closed from 2200 on 14 November to 0600 on 16 November. Cars are prohibited from waiting or parking there; vehicles will only be able to drop off passengers or unload goods there.  The police will enforce traffic control measures along Chuk Yeung Road (between Shan Liu and Wong Chuk Yeung) from 1300 on 15 November to 0600 on 16 November, and will be inaccessible to Support Teams’ vehicles.



Traffic control will start from Lion Pavilion (near MacLehose Trail Distance Post M101) to the intersection of Jat’s Incline and Fei Ngo Shan Road, including the intersection of Kwun Ping Road and Shatin Pass Road (entrance of Kwun Yam Garden and Kwun Yam Shan Village) from 15 to 16 November. Parking is strictly forbidden. Only loading / unloading will be allowed within the designated zone.



Golden Hill Road (Kam Shan Road) will be temporarily closed during the Oxfam Trailwalker.  Please note that unauthorised vehicles (except the Organiser’s vehicles), including mountain bikes, will not be allowed to enter Golden Hill Road. Support Teams are strongly advised to take public transport to CP6 instead of driving.



Tai Mo Shan Road will be temporarily closed during the Oxfam Trailwalker. Please note that unauthorised vehicles (except the Organiser’s vehicles), including mountain bikes and taxies, will not be allowed to enter Tai Mo Shan Road. As Support Teams will not be able to access Tai Mo Shan Road (and thus the Rotary Club Car Park), Oxfam will provide a free shuttle bus that will run between the Tsuen Wan MTR Station and CP8 support area. Support Teams are strongly advised to take public transport to CP8 instead of driving. Traffic control enforcement will be enhanced this year to prevent vehicles from parking along Route Twisk during the event.


We appeal to all participants to be careful of vehicles when crossing the roads. Do not lie down / sit along the road side. Please also inform your support team to comply with the above traffic arrangements and try to use public transport and free shuttle bus services as much as possible. If your support teams have to drive to the support area, please beware of the pedestrians, and be courteous and patient. Illegal parking is forbidden; offenders might be prosecuted and their vehicles might be towed away!


Thank you for helping us enhance the safety of the event!


  1. Free Shuttle Bus Service
Route Service Hours
Between the barrier at Pak Tam Chung and CP2 (Pak Tam Au) 12:00 – 22:00, 15 Nov (every 40 to 60 minutes)
Between the Tsuen Wan MTR Station (Exit B2, Tsuen Fung Centre Shopping arcade) and CP8 16:00, 15 Nov – 00:00, 16 Nov (every 40 minutes)

00:00 – 23:00, 16 Nov (every 15 to 20 minutes)

Between the Finish Point and Tsuen Wan West MTR Station (adjacent to Hoi Kwai Road Public Transport Interchange) 07:00, 16 Nov – 14:30, 17 Nov (every 30 minutes)


Shuttle bus service enhancement:

14:00, 16 Nov – 02:00, 17 Nov (every 15 minutes)

*Support teams are welcome to take the shuttle bus. Before boarding, please check whether you are taking the correct bus as we will have busses going to CP2, CP8 and the Finish Point.


  1. Be Kind to the Environment

We believe you, being lovers of the great outdoors, will support our call to protect the environment together with your support team, family and friends. Here are a few ways to go green during your practice sessions and the event:


6.1  Bring own cup / container / cutlery

  • Disposable cups will not be provided at the Start Point, Finish Point or any of the CPs. Participants are highly encouraged to bring their own bottles / cups / containers to enjoy the drinks and food we will provide. Alternatively, participants can purchase the OTW stainless steel cup from our Merchandise Booth at the Start Point.
  • Clean your containers at the nearest washroom or other places and do not use water from the water dispensers.
  • To reduce plastic waste, we will only provide bottled water for participants at CP1 (Sai Wan). Water dispensers will be available at the Start Point, Finish Point and other CPs. Please make sure you have a bottle / container that you can use along the trail.


  • Support our recycling initiatives to reduce landfill waste

A recycling station will be set up at each CP to collect empty plastic bottles and aluminium cans except CP1 and CP5 (only pear cores will be collected at CP5). Green ambassadors will be stationed at designated CPs to assist with your recyclables. Please empty your containers before recycling them and do not put other waste into the recycling bins. Furthermore, we have also set up an additional recycling station at No. 6 BBQ site, Shing Mun Reservoir this year. Please also remember to take your litter home.


6.3 Take your litter home

Energy food and bars will be distributed. Our working personnel will mark each team’s number on the packaging of the food and beverages we provide. If cleaning workers or volunteers find these items discarded on the trail, the team’s number and its members’ names will be posted on the OTW website. Please take care of your belongings (including your litter)!


6.4 Be a Green4 Trailwalker

Teams are encouraged to take at least four of nine green actions during the event to help the environment. After doing this, documenting these actions and finishing the 100 km, the Green4 Trailwalker monogram will be stamped on your Finish Certificate, and your team name will be published on the OTW website. Want to join? Click here to submit your team number and link to your personal / team’s Facebook page / Instagram account!


Google Form: https://forms.gle/5zyhfaKw819ov9g16


Nine green actions:

(Choose any four of the following actions to become a Green4 Trailwalker:)


  1. Bring your own cup / container for hot drinks and soup
  2. Bring your own cutlery
  3. Take your empty bottles / cans to our recycling bins
  4. Take litter on the trail back to CPs
  5. Be a green support team – do not use single-use plastic
  6. Bring bottles from CP1 (Sai Wan) to CP2 (Pak Tam Au) for recycling
  7. Do not waste food – plan what you will eat in advance and take anything extra home
  8. Take public transport instead of driving to reduce your carbon footprint
  9. Eat more vegetables than meat during the OTW


  1. 7. Safety Measures

7.1   Always Walk as a Team

Disputes are very common between teammates when they are exhausted.  Always remember: crossing the finishing line as a complete team should be your ultimate goal! This is achievable with lots of patience and mutual understanding amongst team members. All team members must stay together between CPs, and check in together at each CP. CP staff reserve the right to refuse to register incomplete teams or teams with members who are unaccounted for.


7.2   Injury

Any member who is injured must be brought to the nearest CP by teammates for assistance. If s/he cannot move, please call the emergency phone number (2175 0244) printed on your wristband to inform the Organiser. Teammates must accompany the injured person before the rescue team arrives at the location. Under no circumstances should injured individuals be left unattended.


7.3   Withdrawal from the Event

If a withdrawal is made at any CP, a Drop Out Certificate will be issued by checkpoint staff. The continuing members of the team will have to show it as a proof of the teammate’s status. If more members subsequently quit, checkpoint staff will write their names on the same certificate.  Please keep this certificate safe and return it to the Organiser at the Finish Point.


If a walker quits the event between CPs, s/he must first call the emergency phone number (2175 0244) to inform the Organiser. S/he must also pass his/her wristband and SIAC Card to his/her teammates who will continue with the event for the completion of the dropout procedure at the next CP. Please be reminded that this must be returned to Oxfam after the event (we reserve the right to not accept future OTW applications from participants who fail to reimburse Oxfam with HK$700 / for the costs associated with the damage or loss of the equipment). Your cooperation will help keep our rescue teams free to attend to genuine emergency cases.  Great thanks!


Once two or more members quit a team, the continuing walker(s) must join another team in order to ensure their safety.  CP staff will only check in teams of at least three members.


7.4   Beware of Changing Weather

The weather can change quickly and temperatures vary during the day and night in November. Walkers should always bring a windbreaker and raincoat with them. If it becomes very hot and humid, you should drink more water and ensure you consume enough sodium to prevent hyponatremia. If there is thunderstorm, stay away from metal objects (e.g. hiking poles) and switch off your mobile phone. We will email you an e-newsletter two days before the event informing you of the latest weather forecast.


7.5   Take Good Care of Your Number Bib

Please be careful not to fold or spray insect repellent or rub sun cream onto your bib. A damaged bib may make it more difficult to check in / out at CPs. Please also note that the Organiser will consider walkers as having quit the event if their wristband is removed.


7.6   Useful Telephone Numbers

Emergency      2175 0244
Information Desk at Start Point 2174 1738 (from 07:00 – 14:00, 15 Nov)
Information Desk at Finish Point 2194 9218 (from 18:30, 15 Nov – 14:00, 17 Nov)


  1. 8. Note to Support Teams

We would like to remind Support Team members accompanying walkers along the trail to avoid blocking other participating teams on the trail and give way to other teams when appropriate. For the sake of fairness, Support Teams are not allowed to provide any physical assistance to participants, such as pushing participants forward. Please refer to pages 50 of the Information Booklet for details.


The OTW route will pass through numerous local villages. Please remind your team members and supporters to respect villagers by keeping the area clean and minimising noise levels.


  1. 9. Prizes

9.1    AIA Vitality Dare to Challenge Award

Launched by the Principal Sponsor AIA Vitality, this new award has received four applications from teams joining the OTW for the first time. They are ready to demonstrate the highest level of motivation and determination to complete

the course. For details, please refer to OTW website.


Trail runners, no matter how experienced, face physical and mental challenges. To help runners face these challenges, AIA has launched a product: Runner Guard; it is especially tailored for those who are injured during trail running events. The cover period can be as short as one day to three days. Visit AIA’s iShop now to learn more about the special promotion offer for the OTW.


9.2   Special Prizes

9.2.1 Fundraising Prizes

Any team which has raised HK$36,000 or above by 17 December is eligible to enter a lucky draw to win either one of the below prizes.

  • Asia Miles mileage: Asia Miles, the OTW’s Logistics Sponsor, has donated 1,000,000 Asia Miles which will be awarded to 10 teams (100,000 Asia Miles per team or 25,000 Asia Miles per team member).
  • DCH Food Mart coupons: Dah Chong Hong Holdings has donated DCH Foodmart coupons valued at HK$40,000 to be awarded to another 10 teams (coupons valued at HK$4,000 per team).


The awarded prize will be evenly shared by the four registered members of each winning team. The right to enter the lucky draw will be forfeited if the team cannot submit all proof of donations to Oxfam Hong Kong on or before 18 December (dated according to the postmark). Late submissions, including those who have banked in the sponsorship money or cheques on or before 17 December 2019 but have not sent the donation proof to Oxfam Hong Kong by 17 December, will not be considered for the lucky draw.


9.2.2 Prizes for the Fastest Teams

Twenty stylish SEIKO watches will be awarded to the fastest teams (finishing as a full team) in the MALE, FEMALE, MIXED and VETERAN I and II categories. The watches are sponsored by Thong Sia Watch Co., Ltd. All awards will be presented at the Prize Presentation Ceremony, which will be held on 21 February 2020.


        9.3   Teams that Raise Over HK$36,000

Teams that raise HK$36,000 or above for OTW 2019 will take priority in registering for Oxfam Trailwalker 2020.


        9.4   Teams that Raise HK$72,000 or Above

Teams that raise HK$72,000 or above will be acknowledged in the Oxfam Trailwalker 2019 Acknowledgement Advertisement.


9.5    Teams that Raise HK$100,000    or Above

Teams that raise over HK$100,000 will receive the Oxfam Trailwalker Outstanding Fundraiser Award.


        9.6   Teams that Raise HK$200,000 or Above

If teams that raise HK$200,000 or above require an Oxfam representative at a ceremony or similar other function, please call 2520 2525 or email us at otwinfo@oxfam.org.hk.


9.7    Verification for the Awards

Oxfam Hong Kong reserves the right to request all winning teams in the Speed Award and Fundraising Award categories to provide documentation (such as staff cards, corporate sponsorship letters, relevant identification etc.), to prove that at least TWO of the team members are eligible for the category the team has won. Any team failing to do so will be disqualified for the award. The list of awardees will be announced on the OTW website in February 2020.


  1. Oxfam Trailwalker Website www.oxfamtrailwalker.org.hk

        10.1 Fundraising Team Page

Each team can create a Fundraising Team Page on the OTW website: www.oxfamtrailwalker.org.hk. Your family and friends can sponsor you online and leave encouraging messages to your team. It is easy to use and greatly reduces our administrative costs. Your sponsor can also choose to print out a tax-deductible receipt* immediately, so there is no need to record donations on sponsorship forms and send them back!

*For Hong Kong taxpayers only.


        10.2 Live Web Tracking

The web tracking system will be activated at 07:00 on 15 November provided that the weather is favourable and the network along the trail is functioning well. Web users will then be able to track all teams along the nine CPs and the ranking for the 10 fastest teams. Please advise your supporters to log on to the website to check for your team’s status.  Please bear with us if the system experiences any hiccups/issues, such as a network failure (we are only able to use a 56k connection at some CPs!).


  1. Minimum Sponsorship

All teams (including those which are absent / withdraw on the event day) must raise a minimum sponsorship of HK$7,600, except for Pledge Teams which must raise at least HK$72,000. Registered teams wishing to withdraw from the event must give written notice to Oxfam Hong Kong as soon as possible. Teams withdrawing from the event should note the following:

Withdraw with written notice after 26 Aug HK$3,800 minimum sponsorship

HK$36,000 minimum sponsorship (Pledge Team)

Withdraw between 9 and 15 Nov, withdraw without written notice or absent / withdraw on the event day HK$7,600 minimum sponsorship

HK$72,000 minimum sponsorship (Pledge Team)

Oxfam Hong Kong reserves the right to not accept applications for future Oxfam Trailwalker events from any member of a team who has failed to comply with the above stipulations.


  1. Promotional Activities

Media interviews and coverage on the OTW can be found in various newspapers and magazines! Watch out for OTW posters at MTR stations, bus shelters, Tai Lam Tunnel, and Facebook as well. Please visit the OTW website to learn about upcoming promotional activities.


  1. Oxfam Trailwalker Souvenirs

         Souvenirs including the OTW Quick Dry T-shirt, Stainless Steel Cup, Cutlery Set, Multi-Function Knife, Athletic Sleeve, and Pin will be available for sale at the Start and Finish Points. For details, please visit our website. (www.oxfamtrailalker.org.hk > Support Oxfam > Souvenirs)


  1. Inclement Weather and Emergencies

The event will be cancelled if typhoon signal No. 8 or the black rainstorm signal is hoisted on 15 November. In the event that typhoon signal No. 3 is hoisted, or other unexpected events occur, Oxfam will make a decision depending on the circumstances. Announcements will be made over the radio and on the OTW website and Facebook page from 05:00 on 15 November onwards. We will also inform all team leaders by SMS. Please keep your mobile phones on.


Should you have any questions, please call us on 2520 2525 or email otwinfo@oxfam.org.hk. Please quote your team number when making enquiries.


We look forward to greeting you and your teammates and support crew at the Start Point, and welcoming you all back at the finish line! Trailwalkers, thank you for doing the extraordinary with your buddies and working with us to create a world without poverty!