10 Nov 2017

Collection of Elite Team Walkers’ bag, Team Particular & Parking Permit of Finish Point before event day

Collection of Elite Team 1)Walkers’ bag 2)Team Particular & Parking Permit of Finish Point before event day

(one bag per team containing 4 bracelets, 4 number bibs with timing chip and 1 energy food redemption coupon)

Either the Team Leader or the Coordinator of Elite teams MUST go to Oxfam office to collect and acknowledge receipt of the walkers’ bag personally:


Date 13-14 November 2017(Monday and Tuesday)
Time 10am – 8pm(not available during Lunch﹕ 1pm – 2pm)
Venue Oxfam Office, 9/F, China United Center, 28 Marble Road, North Point
(MTR North Point Station Exit A4)

Remarks: Teams are reminded to bring all items of the walker’s bag to the Start Point.  Teams failing to do so will not be registered and will be treated as non-starter teams.


Change of Team members

To shorten on-site registration time, Elite teams are NOT allowed to change team members on event day. Teams wanting to change team member are advised to do so on 13-14 November at Oxfam office.  Please submit the change of team member form, proof of finishing time of the new member at either OTW 2014, 2015 or 2016 together with a fee of HKD200 for each member changed.


Remarks: Qualified Elite teams should not make any further changes to member combination.  We will verify teams’ qualification from time to time. Any Elite teams found to have insufficient qualified members will be re-allocated a new team number with a new start time.