26 Aug 2020

Oxfam Trailwalker 2020 postponed to January 2021

Oxfam Trailwalker 2020 postponed to January 2021


Sorry to have kept you waiting!


Following stringent assessments and after careful deliberation, we have decided to postpone Oxfam Trailwalker (OTW) 2020 from November this year to 29 to 31 January 2021 (Friday to Sunday).


We have started to prepare for OTW 2020 since the beginning of the year by applying for venues and permits, coming up with the theme and shooting the poster. We have also been working with experienced walkers, volunteers and representatives from various sponsoring and supporting organisations to visit the Start and Finish Points as well as the checkpoints to finalise the operational details. At the same time, we have also been devising a contingency plan and coming up with mitigation measures to ensure that the event can be held safely as scheduled.


However, our primary concern has always been the safety of our walkers, their supporters and our volunteers. With less than three months until November, and the uncertainties of COVID-19 and group gathering bans, we are concerned that walkers have not had sufficient time to train on the trail, which might affect their performance and safety. These uncertainties and restrictions have also affected our preparations.


After weighing various options and evaluating different factors, including the season, 29 to 31 January 2021 is the only timeslot available for us to hold the 100 km event continuously for three days and two nights. As such, Oxfam has decided to postpone the event until then.


We will continue to closely monitor the latest COVID-19 developments and make regular assessments. Adjustments to OTW 2020 and other details such as teams’ sponsorship and team slots will be announced in mid-September.


The OTW is about working as a team and persevering in all circumstances to achieve a common goal. However, many things are beyond our control; so much so that we had to cancel the OTW just two days before the event date last year. This year, due to the challenges COVID-19 is posing, OTW 2020 cannot be held as scheduled in November. However, we will ‘Keep on Trailwalking’. We hope you will too and that we will see you all again on the trail in January next year.


Thank you very much again your unfailing support of the OTW, a great team event that helps alleviate poverty around the world!